Featured Electrical Estimating Software Products

More contractors turn to us because other pricing services don’t come close to what you actually pay for materials. We have prepared over 32,000 electrical estimates since 1975 and know that to be competitive prices and labor units must be realistic. We pick up where other services leave off in areas such as Site Work, Demolition, High Voltage Cable, Bus Duct, Fire Alarm, Generators and many other special systems found in the jobs you’re bidding.


Quantum Electrical

Quantum features powerful job management tools integrated with intuitive software that quickly and easily produces accurate estimates. Innovative features such as AutoBranch and AutoFireAlarm automatically calculate conduit, wire, fittings and supports for branch and fire alarm circuits. Quantum Electrical Professional also includes time and material billing and the power to instantly generate change orders, purchase orders and requests for quotes.

Latest Version: 2018-7-16



Precise Interactive Count System (PICS)

Precise Interactive Count System (PICS) is an onscreen electronic Takeoff system. Cut time to do bids and increase accuracy by pointing and clicking. Receive electronic plans and reduce cost of printing plans. PICS is tightly integrated into Quantum or you can use it as a standalone Takeoff system. Perform counts and linear takeoffs with the click of a button. Use the comparative overlays to review revisions or the Design/Build for your own plans.

Latest Version: 2017-8-25




Time is money, so why waste it calling your suppliers for prices or searching multiple sources for labor units when you can have access to 30,000 priced and labored items and 9,000 assemblies in seconds? We continually update prices in our National Electrical Price Guide as they change. Included for your Windows 10 devices is our EPS+ software that can link to your estimating software to update your material prices or use it as a stand-alone to instantly price and labor bills of material.

Latest Version: 2018-7-16



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