Quantum Electrical

Integrated estimating with AutoBranch


Quantum features powerful job management tools integrated with intuitive software that quickly and easily produces accurate estimates. Innovative features such as AutoBranch and AutoFireAlarm automatically calculate conduit, wire, fittings and supports for branch and fire alarm circuits. Quantum Electrical Professional also includes time and material billing and the power to instantly generate change orders, purchase orders and requests for quotes.

Latest Version: 2018.9.20




Onscreen Takeoff direct to Quantum


Precise Interactive Count System (PICS) is an onscreen electronic Takeoff system. Cut time to do bids and increase accuracy by pointing and clicking. Receive electronic plans and reduce cost of printing plans. PICS is tightly integrated into Quantum or you can use it as a standalone Takeoff system. Perform counts and linear takeoffs with the click of a button. Use the comparative overlays to review revisions or the Design/Build for your own plans.

Latest Version: 2017.8.25




Buy-Level Price Updating with online Price and Labor units manual.


EPS+ is a web-based pricing service that automatically downloads the latest material prices as they become available. It also creates bills of material, requests for quotes and purchase orders. While preparing more than 32,000 estimates during the past 43 years, Electrical Resources has compiled the largest and most comprehensive electrical estimating database of materials, realistic buy prices, and man-hour labor units in existence. It is the most accurate and competitive database in the industry.

Latest Version: 2018.9.17



NEPG Online with EPS+

Updated price and labor guide for desktops, tablets & smartphones


The fully illustrated price and labor units service is available on desk tops, tablets and smart phones*. With a hyperlinked index your searches appear instantly. Comparative listings provide you with alternate manufactures. The EPS+ database has 30,000 individual items, 40,000 comparative listings and 9,000 assemblies that can be searched using descriptions, catalog numbers and UPC numbers. Our EPS+ is compatible with Accubid, BHS, Cobra, Conest, Deneb, Estimation, Estmat 2000, Excel, Forefront, Jade, Jaffe, Mc2, McCormick, Sirius, Timberline/Masterbuilder and TRF Certin.

Latest Version: 2018.9.13



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“Electrical Resources’ PICS is the best onscreen take-off software for electrical contractors”

Brian House, Mike Holt Enterprises


“Electrical Resources provides the most realistic electrical material pricing service I’ve ever seen”

Decker, former Vice President, Trade Service Corporation.


“EPS+ and the National Electrical Price Guide provides the most complete listing of realistic material prices and labor units in the industry”

Brian House, Mike Holt Enterprises


Choose The Software That's Right For You

Drawing on the power of 32,000 estimates and more than 43 years of experience, Electrical Resources offers contractors and estimators an array of products to produce accurate, competitive estimates.

Our full-featured electrical estimating softwareQuantum Professional, integrates estimating software with powerful job management tools to quickly and easily produce precise estimates. For entry-level estimating, Quantum Standard features the same ability to create estimates without some of the more advanced features. And EPS + offers material management featuring a web-based pricing service that also updates most popular estimating programs.

For 60,000 of the most accurate price and labor units at your fingertips, turn to our industry-standard book, the National Electrical Price Guide.

Don’t take chances with your estimates. Choose a product that works for you.