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Established in 1975, Electrical Resources, Inc. continues to provide solutions for electrical contractors.

In 1976, Electrical Resources developed estimating software to allow contractors to bid more work in less time.  This also benefited the estimating division of Electrical Resources.

Since 1975, the estimating division of Electrical Resources has prepared over 32,000 estimates.  The estimates ranged from residential to heavy industrial and to one-of-a-kind projects never to be duplicated.  The diversity of projects led to Electrical Resources compiling the largest and most comprehensive estimating database in the electrical industry.

In 1998, after three years of research, development and testing, Electrical Resources introduced AutoBranch.  Whether it’s a $50,000 job or a $5,000,000 job, AutoBranch will calculate the branch circuit conduit, wire, fittings and supports for light fixtures, switches, convenience receptacles and occupancy sensors with one click of the mouse.  Another click will convert the hard wiring to MC cable.

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